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Date:2008-04-29 15:00

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

This is sort of like paypal, but when you sign up you automatically get $25 in your account, plus $10 very every person you refer. It's pretty legit and I've noticed some online sellers are starting to accept it as a form of payment!!

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Date:2008-03-16 15:51

Okay, so basically I get paid $0.02 for every advertisement I read on this site called Hits4Pay. I typically get about 5 per day, so it's really not that much, and it won't pay the bills. However, if I refer people, I get an extra $0.01 for every ad they read, and $0.01 for every ad their referrals read. You know where this is going. ;)

You can pick what sort of ads you get, and you get credited for that ad when you stay on that page for about one minute. So it's pretty easy, and you can earn a little extra money while helping me out as well.

link link linkkkk. ;)

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Date:2007-11-04 21:45
Subject:A real way to make extra money from home
Mood: busy

earn cash with Cashcrate
What is CashCrate?
CashCrate is the best GPT (Get-Paid-To) site on the web! It is totally FREE to sign up and there is absolutely no need to spend any money to make money. Sounds good, right? It is! All you have to do is fill out offers, complete some surveys, or both and cash will be credited to your account.

Who can join CashCrate?
You must be at least 13 years old to join. If you are from the United States or other English speaking countries you will have more offers available to you. However, unlike most GPT sites, CashCrate is open to international members.

How can CashCrate afford to pay me?
Companies are always searching for ways to get consumers to try new products, visit new websites, and review products and services. Many companies actually pay consumers for these things. After you complete an offer, survey, sign up for a service, or do a free trial CashCrate receives money from the advertisers/companies and then gives 75% of the profit back to you!

Is there a minimum to cash out?
The minimum payout is $10.00. Most GPT sites require a much higher minimum payout and are (in my opinion) much more difficult to make money with. In my first two weeks as a total newbie in mid-August 2007 I made $54.14! Also, there is NO FEE attached to your payment! A lot of GPT sites will charge a fee when processing your requested payments but not CashCrate - whatever you make is ALL yours!

What forms of payment are there?
Payments are through check only. Each month when you reach at least $10.00 you will receive a check around the 20th of the following month. If you earned $325.00 in November then you will receive your check around December 20th.

How much money can I make?
That depends on YOU! Some people are making over $1,000 per month with this site. Others get to $10.00 and are satisfied. It all depends on how much you want to make and your drive to make money. Even if you complete just one $0.80 daily survey per day that is a total of $24.00 extra dollars a month!

What if I work full time or have a busy schedule?
In September 2007 I worked a full time job plus overtime (about 45+ hours per week) and I still managed to earn $87.74 in my spare time. After work each night I would unwind and do some offers before bed. I also have a baby and a house to take care of which is why I love using CashCrate because I can work around my schedule. If you are busy like me and the rest of society you will greatly appreciate the fact that you can work whenever you like in your spare time! CashCrate is also PERFECT for all of you stay at home moms out there desperately seeking extra cash or even just a new and exciting hobby.

Is CashCrate some kind of scam?
Heck no! Ask any member of CashCrate whether or not they have been paid and they will all tell you the same thing - it really is legitimate!

But don’t just take my word for it, why not check out the CashCrate forums in the “Official I Got Paid” thread. You can visit it by clicking here: (Note: CashCrate used to offer payments through paypal but they changed that. Go to the last pages of the thread in order to see the most recent payments received by members!)

What happens if I refer my friends?
CashCrate has one of the greatest referral systems out there. If you refer a friend you will receive 20% of what they earn plus 10% of what their referrals earn. So there is a lot of money to be made if you can get some active referrals. Here is how the referral system works:

Bronze - 0 Active Referrals - 20% First Level, 10% Second Level
Silver - 50 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 10% Second Level
Gold - 150 Active Referrals - 25% First Level, 15% Second Level
Platinum - 300 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 15% Second Level
Elite - 500 Active Referrals - 30% First Level, 20% Second Level

CashCrate offers bonuses, points and contests!
Not satisfied yet? CashCrate also automatically credits your account with a $3.00 bonus each time one of your referrals hits the $10.00 minimum payout! There are usually contests which vary month to month where members can receive cash or prizes. And there is also a section where you can claim great gifts from the points that you have accumulated.

Sounds great, count me in!
There is no risk in joining, no annoying phone calls, no fees, and you can work as much or as little as you want to whenever you want! Give it a try and if you find yourself completely confused and needing help, please contact me and I will gladly lend a hand. You might find my Beginner’s Tips For Making Money With CashCrate useful. All I ask is that you use my link or my banner to sign up because it will help me reach my goals.

earn cash with Cashcrate

Happy Money Making!


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Date:2007-09-01 02:50
Subject:Make Money Online For Free
Mood: cheerful

Hey guys,

I have been working very hard on this blog to raise money for my family. If you want to learn how I have been making money online for free or just see what I have been up to lately, please visit the link below. Leave a comment if you stop by. I'd love to hear from you all!!

MY BLOG for people who want to make money online for free:

This is THE best site around for earning money online for free. Please sign up if you are interested by clicking the banner below. I will guide you through everything from there. Or you can read my blog which contains lots of tips and information on how to be successful with CashCrate. It is SO easy to make money on there. In 12 days I made $54.14!! You are seriously missing out if you don't sign up! But it's your choice, guys... my goal is to make a whole lot more in September :D

Best of Luck!
- Nichele

Feel free to contact me at StumbleineSuperqueen@gmail.com

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Date:2007-07-12 22:54
Subject:Earn extra money online with EmailCashPro International!

Do you agree that you have the right to

- choose the ads you want to receive,
- only read ads that you are interested in, and
- get paid to read those ads?

This program has been a great success in Singapore and is now open to people from all over the world.

More importantly, this program is 100% free. 

New! Get FREE password to access Craziest-Deal.com membership worth USD 47.
If you are interested in internet marketing, this Special Bonus is probably your best bonus ever! Once you become a member of EmailCashPro, you will be able to have FULL access to Craziest-Deal membership. With more than 10GB of materials, this membership is a Gold Mine of information that will help you to skyrocket your online business.

To find out more on how EmailCashPro works, click here.

Join now!

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Date:2006-12-18 21:42
Subject:Anyone know

Anyone know where I can get absolutely free samples of catfood?

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Date:2006-10-12 07:17
Subject:fashion tips

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kinds of clothes to buy cheaply? I am in my 30s, and my priorities with clothes are at the moment are: clothes that can be worn in very hot weather, clothes that are suitable for work (admin positions), clothes that are reaonably versatile, and (very important) that aren't going to go out of fashion too quickly. I'm not concerned about wearing exactly what's "in" at the very moment; being able to keep what I buy is what counts for me. Also I look many years younger than I am, so would also be comfortable in clothes intended for young girls (although I'm not actually sure of what difference it makes, but just so that you have some idea).

I like the idea of shopping in op shops, but don't want to spend a huge amount of time doing so, so it would be helpful if I had some idea of what I wanted and could quickly see whether or not the shop has it or not.

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Date:2006-04-10 18:16

My husband and I just had a baby almost 3 months ago (woah time flies) so I obviously have been staying home... which means a big budget cut for us; but...Both of these websites are GREAT! I've made over $200 in the past 2months from them (and yes really have been paid)! M
The surveys can get redundent, but are worth it. Treasure Trooper isn't as quick to okay things you've done, but I think has better payouts! Check em out! (Warning: THEY ARE SLIGHTLY ADDICTING!!!)

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Date:2006-03-28 14:54

Looking for fellow dumpster divers in the Meriden, CT area. I've been making a conscious effort to move back to freeganism, and want people to go raiding with.
Also, anyone up for hitting the yearly "Yale fucks leaving and throwing all their perfectly good shit from their mommies and daddies out" dumpster extravaganza with me? We need to do it early, though.........all of New Haven, CT and the surrounding areas hit that stuff!


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Date:2006-02-20 20:14
Subject:Plan Broke
Mood: cold

Check out my website


thanks guys

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Date:2006-01-12 09:35

I'm new to this community. I had a really crappy job at the Salvation Army that I have decided to quit. It paid 6.75 an hour. Pathetic. I'm quitting the shady way to make sure I never feel tempted to go back there again. I quit months ago, then, in desperation, returned. I'm quitting again, this time for good.

Can anyone offer advice on finding a new, and better, job?

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Date:2005-09-28 18:44
Subject:i'd sell my soul if i thought it were worth a dime.

Half.com Shop

i'm selling a lot of cds, movies, books and games..preparing for a move and inbetween jobs so any help is appreciated!

(among others)

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Date:2005-03-03 21:06

I'm 15 and broke. I am very interested in getting a job, although all typical teen jobs are for 16+ Does anyone know of any places that hire at 15?

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Date:2005-02-04 16:20

new Sony Vaio for $5

I thought I would share something awesome with you all

What happens is you pay $5 and this site sends you emails - all you have to do is open a link in the email.
You will have an inbox at the site, and ezlaptop will send you an email (if you wish) to your usual email account to tell you when you have an email.
You get one credit for each email you open and for each referral.
How can they afford to give you an email for only $5? All of the emails you receive are from paid advertisers - but you don't have to complete any offers or even read anything! Just a couple clicks is all it takes!

I signed up in mid December and already have 50 credits (only 4 of them are from referrals). You only need 210 credits.
I'm almost a quarter way to having a laptop for only $5! How exciting is that?! I don't miss my $5 at all.. how many times have you paid an extra $5 for something but didn't really even care that much? It's going to be quite exciting when that $5 I forgot about turns into a laptop that will be my new best friend :o)

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you are to having your own Sony Vaio.


Any questions, feel free to ask.
<3 Angie

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Date:2004-12-24 21:48
Subject:Your Gift Cards
Mood: content

Hi has anybody ever used http://www.yourgiftcards.com and do they actualy send it to you, how long it takes ect. Cause Im waiting one but I think one of my trials ends this month.

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Date:2004-12-24 09:38
Subject:Talking about another free stuff

Hey guys its me again i know i can be annoying but i just wanna let you know that i got my free bose sound dock for ipod this wednesday and again i was so freak out cuz its like the same feeling i had when i got my free ipod 2 months ago..SO i highly recommend this to you guys..Goodluck to you guys

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Date:2004-12-17 22:56

some free thingsCollapse )

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Date:2004-11-11 07:58
Subject:Cheap body jewellery?

Background info (haha- in case anyone cares)Collapse )
So, my question is, does anyone know where I could get some cheap (but not-bad-quality) body jewellery? Does Wal-Mart carry any?? I NEED it no later than tonight, or I fear my piercing will get all grossified from the cheap ring in there now (my poor belly-button)... Thank you!!

x-posted to several poor-ppl communities... please don't hate me!

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Date:2004-09-28 03:39

Hey guys i just wanna thanks Gratis Internet Network for my  free ipods that i received this weekend. I did all what i have to do and look what i got.. One Mini Ipod Silver and a 20 Gig New HP Ipod

Again thank you... and Goodluck to everyone that trying really hard to get there free ipods..

Thanks again...

And on the other hand im just waiting for my free desktop to arrive next month and this is another website that sponsor by Gratis Network..

thanks a bunchhhhhhhhhhhh and goodluck to all


if you guys are lil bit skeptical about it  and think this is a scam well  here is the proof from NBC news and from  different website for proofs so goodluck


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Date:2004-09-06 09:13
Subject:Your mod here.
Mood: contemplative

I have some bad news and some good news: Bad news-Im unable to lead this community any longer, I have become too busy with work and school. I need to find a new Mod. Good News- Anyone here can become a mod, just send me an email by next monday telling me why you want to be a mod, and ways you can approve our community.

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