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So, you've most likely already heard of the free ipods/xbox/cameras/whatever sites.
If you haven't, you..
1. Sign up for the site.
2. Complete an offer.
3. Get whatever number of your friends to sign up and complete an offer using you as a referral.

I'm recently obsessed with them, ever since I've started actually receiving the free stuff (see! it's legit!).

So, I received my iPod already:

Well, this free iPod site lets you choose between getting an actual iPod or just getting a check for however much the iPod is worth.
Also, if you choose the Blockbuster offer, you get two weeks of free movies (you just have to remember that if you DON'T want to keep the service after your trial period, that you should cancel EXACTLY two weeks after you sign up to-the-day in order not to be charged - cancelling is online and easy).

I'm also a member of, and I've already received two DVDs from them:

The great thing about that site is that you can get free DVDs without having to get other people to sign up (although, getting other people to sign up will also help you on your way to get a free DVD if you so choose).

Right now I'm focusing on getting a digital camera tho, 'cos I've always wanted one and have never been able to afford it. Here's the link for that. That site has some easy offers up, such as GoToMeeting, MusicMatch, and RealArcade Gamepass (I'd recommend GoToMeeting the most).

Here are some other free things you may be interested in:
Free Desktop PC
Free Flatscreen TVs
Free XBOX, Playstation, or Gamecube <-- you only need 3 people to sign up under you for this one!

Also, HERE is a guide to all of the offers (which ones are best, how much the cost or if you can get them for free, how long it takes to get credit, etc).

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

I'm a member of a lot of these free sites and I haven't been charged ANYTHING on my credit card. Also, I've received some free stuff. And if you don't actually want the free stuff, you can always sell it on ebay for moneys.
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