kbreen (kbreen) wrote in were_broke,

fashion tips

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kinds of clothes to buy cheaply? I am in my 30s, and my priorities with clothes are at the moment are: clothes that can be worn in very hot weather, clothes that are suitable for work (admin positions), clothes that are reaonably versatile, and (very important) that aren't going to go out of fashion too quickly. I'm not concerned about wearing exactly what's "in" at the very moment; being able to keep what I buy is what counts for me. Also I look many years younger than I am, so would also be comfortable in clothes intended for young girls (although I'm not actually sure of what difference it makes, but just so that you have some idea).

I like the idea of shopping in op shops, but don't want to spend a huge amount of time doing so, so it would be helpful if I had some idea of what I wanted and could quickly see whether or not the shop has it or not.
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