Gail (bandvamp01) wrote in were_broke,

Cheap body jewellery?

Ok, last night I was at my bf's house when I realized that one of the little balls on my belly-button ring had fallen off! I looked *everywhere* but it was long gone (*sigh* of course).
So, when I got home, my brother gave me a "spare" navel ring that he had gotten at some Dollar Store up in Pennsylvania. It's cute (it's got a little gothy cross dangling from it), but I don't think I want to leave it in any longer than I HAVE to, since I'm fairly certain that Dollar Store body jewellery isn't of the highest quality (and I have VERY sensitive skin).
I checked Claire's website (first store to pop into mind), but they have plain-looking jewellery that's over $18, and I was *hoping* to find some cheaper, but I definitely don't have the time to go running all over town tonight!

So, my question is, does anyone know where I could get some cheap (but not-bad-quality) body jewellery? Does Wal-Mart carry any?? I NEED it no later than tonight, or I fear my piercing will get all grossified from the cheap ring in there now (my poor belly-button)... Thank you!!

x-posted to several poor-ppl communities... please don't hate me!
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